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Buying Used Books

Since we largely sell a used product, it is important to you as a buyer
to know what you are purchasing.

In order to promote uniformity in our descriptions and terms, we follow the
grading and description guidelines formulated by the Independent Online Booksellers Association. We have included pages that explain standard terminology for describing books and their condition.

Why Buy Used?

There can be many reasons to buy used books. In some cases cost may be a deciding factor: as any college student knows the price of a used (and still usable) textbook can be a fraction of the price of a new copy.

Availability may be another factor. Many books are simply not being printed anymore, and the only alternative is to purchase a used copy. KnC Books specializes in out-of-print books.

Collectibility can be another reason to purchase a used book. First editions of most books have a limited run, and are only available new for a short time. We seek out and make these rarities available to the collector.

Finally, the terms new and used describe a book's ownership, not its condition. A new book in a store may in fact have been 'test-driven' by any number of customers; it may have been dropped or otherwise damaged, yet it is still considered new because it has not been previously sold. We purchase books in the secondary market, they are therfore used, but in fact may be in better condition than a new book from a bookstore. For more about book condition terminology, please see our Condition Definitions page.